Walkthrough: Creating the Test Session

Creating a new test session

Before any applicants can sign in, the Contact VE must first create the test session.  Here is how you do that:

  1. Go to the KD7BBC Exam Tools admin page
  2. Click Create a New Session
  3. Select the date that you wish to create a session for (Defaults to the current day) and click Create
  4. Click Edit Session
  5. Change the location and contact email, if needed
  6. Add VEs to the “VEs who will sign” list
    1. Click “Add”
    2. Enter the callsign for the VE and click “Add”
    3. If needed, enter the VE number for the VE (first time only)
    4. Repeat until there are three VEs specified to sign
  7. Click “Save” to save the test session
  8. Use the “Add” button on the right-hand column to add other VEs to the session
  9. Click “Start Session

Below are screenshots of the steps

Admin Page

Click “Create a new session” to start a session not listed; if the session is already listed, simply click on that session.

Create a Test Session

First, specify the date

Then click Create.

Edit Session

Notice that the CVE is on the list by default; you can remove him or her from the signing list if desired.  Click “Edit Session”.

Update Location and Contact email as needed

Adding VEs to the “VEs who will sign” list

Click the Add button

Type in the callsign of the VE you want to add to the session, and click Add.  Repeat until all three signing VEs are listed.

Then click “Save”.

Volunteer Examiners Present

Look on the right-hand side of the screen, and you’ll see a second, more complete list of VEs.

Use the “Add” button as you did before to add any other Volunteer Examiners who will be helping with the test session.

Session Configuration complete

Once all of the VEs are specified, the “Start Session” button should be enabled.  Click “Start Session” to move to the Session Data screen.

You will be presented with a warning that after you start the session, you cannot go back and change which VEs should sign.

Session Data screen

Once you start the exam, you will be taken to the Session Data screen, where you will see applicants appear as they sign in.  You are now ready to authorize the applicant workstations.