Walk-through: Applying for license upgrade

Where do we start?

A new user walks in.  They are probably handed a folder with a paper on the front for their name, etc, and the Volunteer Examiner checks to make sure they have valid ID, grabs a copy of their license, and collects their money.

Once they are all ready, they are brought in to the room where the exam will take place and they sit down at a computer. (Which is running Firefox; Internet Explorer is not currently supported due to some bugs that prevent the printing at the end from working correctly)

This is what they see:

To start, the user clicks “OK”

Current License?

The first question ask is whether or not they already have a license.  Our current applicant does, and so they click “Yes”.

Enter Callsign

The applicant enters his or her callsign and clicks “Find”

The applicant is then presented with the ULS record for the callsign entered so that they can confirm their identity.  We’ll assume that, as in this case, the record is correct, and so they click “Yes”.

Contact Information

This should be pretty self explanitory; We need name, address, license class, and FRN number.  Phone number, Fax, and E-mail address are optional.  Notice that the information from the ULS entry has automatically been pulled in.  In this case, everything is already correct, and no changes need be made.

Callsign change

Most people anymore don’t bother changing their callsign; if, however, they wish to do so, they should answer “Yes” to this question.  This applicant will answer “No”.

You are now signed in

Once the applicant reaches this dialog, they are in the system.  After clicking OK, they will have a chance to review their information, make changes as needed, and print their Form 605.

When they are sure that everything is good, the Print Form 605 button will cause a PDF file to load with the 605 filled out.

View and Print

You’ll want to do one last double-check that everything here is filled out, and if it is, print it out.  Notice that the names of the VEs are already filled out, along with their callsigns and the VE numbers (which you can see there at the bottom smudged out).  When the Contact VE creates the session he specifies which VEs will be signing for the session.

Start the test

They are all signed in!  The paperwork is created and the entry is in the computer.  Go ahead and start their exam using whatever the VEC provides!