Submitting Applicants online to W5YI

Submitting Applicants online to W5YI

The first thing that must be mentioned here is that W5YI does not allow all Contact VEs to submit applicants online.  This will only work if you have a login and password to W5YI’s online submission system; if you don’t have access, talk to them, not to me =]

Filling out the manifest data

Before you can submit an applicant, you must fill out the Manifest data for the applicant.

Here is a tutorial on filling out the manifest data for an applicant

Submitting an applicant

After you have set the manifest data on an applicant and saved it, a “Submit to W5YI” button will appear on qualifying applicants’ Applicant Detail dialogs.  To get to the Applicant Detail log, go to the Session Data page:

Next, click on the applicant you wish to submit.  Keep in mind that in order to be submitted online, the applicant must not have had a current amateur radio license before this test session and must have passed at least one test.

If you do not see the “Submit to W5YI” button, review the applicant’s information; something disqualifies them for online submission, most likely either the Current Lic. is not “None” or they haven’t passed any elements (did you forget to mark the manifest data?)

When you click on “Submit to W5YI”, you will see a confirmation dialog, like this one:

Make sure you double check that the specified (in green) license class is the correct one for this applicant before clicking Yes.

Final, last change verification screen

Once you have sumitted the data, you will see this verification form.  This is the page that W5YI gives you to make sure that everything really is correct, because once you submit this you can’t change it.  You’ll notice that the SSN field actually has the FRN number; don’t worry about that, that’s normal.

When you’ve double checked AGAIN, click “Send Form and View Confirmation” to finalize the application trasmission.  I recommend printing a copy of the confirmation screen, which I can’t show you because I don’t want to actually submit anything just for a tutorial =]

Good luck!