Entering Manifest Data

What is manifest data?

Manifest data is the data that is needed to generate the test session manifest at the end of a session.  Specifically, the part of the manifest data that the Contact VE must fill out is the indication of which elements were passed and which were failed by a given person.

Applicants who try more than once

If an applicant fails an element, pays their money again, and attempts a second try, don’t worry; this will be understood by the system.  You don’t need to create a second entry for that person, the manifest will automatically generate a second entry for them based on the information that they failed that element and then either passed or failed again.

Filling out the manifest data

As applicants finish testing and their paperwork is completed, you’ll want to fill out the manifest data.  For your own sake, please do this as the test session progresses, and don’t wait until the end!  This allows you to catch mistakes and have everything squared away before you finish.

To enter the manifest data, go to the Administration Screen and select the test session you want to work with.  If you haven’t started the session yet, you will need to do so in order to get to the Session Data page.

As you can see, those who are upgrades will have a call sign listed.  To view options (and enter manifest data) for an applicant, click on that applicant’s name:

You can see several options here.  To reprint an applicant’s 605, click Print.  To remove a duplicate applicant, click delete.  Do not delete an applicant simply because they did not pass!  That is important information for your manifest.

To enter the manifest data, simply click the “-” and “+” icons under “Exams taken”.  If they attempted the exam twice, and passed the second time, you should put 2 under “Exams Taken” and check the “Passed” checkbox.  If they attempted it twice, but did not pass, do not check the “Passed” checkbox.

If you do not see an element listed, check what license class is displayed.  A Technician class operator cannot take Element 2, etc.  Also, a new operator who has not passed Element 2 cannot take Element 3; therefore Element 3 will not be displayed until you indicate that they have passed Element 2.

Once you finish marking their test results, click the “Save” button that will appear as soon as you start changing anything in the dialog.

Refreshing the applicant list

You should never need to refresh the applicant list; it will do so automatically.  If something strange does happen, feel free to refresh the page — often that will fix the problem.  Be warned that any changes you have made that weren’t saved will be lost when you do this!