Editing, Printing, and Deleting Applicants

Editing, Printing, and Deleting Applicants

One of the most important administrative tasks in the system is the ability to edit, print, and delete applicants in the system.

The Admin screen

From the admin screen, select the test session that you want to work with.

Note that if the session is still marked as “New”, you will need to start the session before the

The Session Data screen

The Session Data screen is the basic screen for managing a test session.  Once the session has started, the Contact VE can perform all needed operations from this screen.  It will automatically update every 30 seconds as applicants sign into the test session, and their name and information will appear here.

Obviously this is just example data.

Applicant Detail view

To open the Applicant Detail view for a given applicant, simply click on their name:

You see here all of the information pertaining to this applicant. Notice the buttons on the bottom:

  • Submit to W5YI – This facilitates submitting the applicant data to W5YI
  • Print – Open the Form 605 for the applicant in a new window for printing
  • Delete – Delete this applicant from the system
  • Close – Closes this window and returns to the Session Data page

Editing an applicant

Editing an applicant is a very straightforward process.  This allows you to make any changes needed: be sure that you know what you’re doing!  This bypasses most of the data validation features that the regular applicant sign-in process has.

To edit an applicant, simply open the Applicant Detail view by clicking on the applicant (see above), and then change whatever information you need to.  As soon as you change any of the information, the buttons on the dialog will change.

When you are done making changes, simply click “Save” and you’ll see the normal Applicant Detail buttons again.

Printing an Applicant’s Form 605

Not much difficult here; from the Applicant Detail view, click “Print” to open the applicant’s Form 605 in a new window.

Deleting an Applicant

Please be very careful with this! This is irreversible; if you delete an applicant, it is gone.  Completely.  I can’t recover it.

For that reason, there is a verification screen when you click Delete: