Authorizing the test computers

Authorizing the test computers

When you boot up one of the computers that applicants will be using to sign in on and navigate to, you will not immediately see the start of the signup process.  Instead, you’ll see this:

In fact, click on the above URL now; most likely, that’s exactly what you’ll see =]  The reason for that is to keep people outside of your test session from signing in and mucking up the data listed on your test session.

Signing in

The username to log into a test session will always be the Contact VE’s callsign.  The Contact VE can and should configure a “VE Password” in their account settings that can be used to log into a test session, but not to access the admin menu.  The Contact VE can also use their admin password to log in, but this password should not generally be given out to VEs.

Once you click “Login”, you should see the screen below, and the workstation is ready for the first applicant!