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Walk-throughs and tutorials

We have included a detailed list of the benefits of the KD7BBC Exam Tools below, but the best way for you to decide if they would be helpful for you is to see how they work.  To this purpose we have put together a set of tutorials and walk-throughs with screenshots.

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About KD7BBC Exam Tools

KD7BBC Exam Tools are a non-profit, self-supporting set of tools used for managing an Amateur Radio test session in a modern way.  KD7BBC Exam Tools do *not* replace the examination software; you must use examination software provided by the VEC that you work with.

Click here for a summary of what the Exam Tools are and why they were created

Click here for a detailed list of the benefits of using Exam Tools


We have not decided on a definite cost at this time.  We want this service to be available to all who can benefit from it.  However, we do ask that you consider the time and work that has gone into it and the cost (which will increase as more use it) of running the servers, providing backups, and providing support (nothing is perfect).

My request is that you pay us $1 for each applicant processed by the system.  If that is more than you can afford from the fees you collect, then give us less; if you can and would like to contribute $2.00 per applicant, please do.  I know that some have to pay for a place to host the test session, some may need to pay for internet access.  All I ask is that if you have the funds from the fees that you collect, please contribute; if you don’t, then please use it with our blessing.  We’ll keep things this way as long as we can.

How to sign up?

If you are interested in using KD7BBC Exam Tools with your test exam, please send an email to richard at kd7bbc.org.