Software Development Skills and Technologies:

C/C++ PHP Python/Django C#
Javascript/jQuery AJAX HTML/CSS REST/Web Services
Browser plugins ActiveX NPAPI IE Security Model
Silverlight ASP/ MVC VoIP
Subversion/CVS Git Mercurial Bazaar

Systems Administration Skills and Technologies:

Ubuntu CentOS Fedora openSUSE
openBSD MS SQL postgreSQL MySQL
CouchDB MongoDB SQLite Wireshark
SSH SSL Apache Lighttpd
nginx iptables Bash scripts Solr/Lucene


  • Excellent communication, project management, and time management skills
  • Experienced at telecommuting and customer interfacing
  • Proven ability to quickly learn and excel at new technologies
  • Author and project manager of the open source FireBreath browser plugin framework
  • Extensive experience in all aspects of web development, from browser plugins to AJAX
  • Primary contributor of the technology blog
  • Experienced in understanding and integrating hardware and software of diverse types
  • Experienced in VoIP solutions with asterisk and freeswitch
  • Fluent in Russian

Software Development projects:

More about Me:

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Twitter username: nailixat

Chronological work history

Feb 2010 – Jul 2010: nuMetra, Incat nuMetra I expanded my knowledge of content encoding and online video with HTML5, Silverlight, and Apple Adaptive streaming. (Python, ffmpeg, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple Adaptive Streaming, iPhone app development, bash shell scripting, git)

Apr 2008 – Jan 2010: Move Networksat Move Networks I was hired to work on the JavaScript SDK, but after some personnel changes I became the principal developer and maintainer of the Browser Plugin framework used in the Move Media Player. In addition to updating the plugin to use NPRuntime instead of the deprecated XPCOM interface, I successfully ported the media player to linux, which required porting an OpenGL renderer and writing a new ALSA audio renderer. I also created the installer used to install the plugin so that it would work on all Windows browsers, and wrote a Silverlight SDK for the plugin. (C++, Javascript, C#, Silverlight, Accurev, bzr)

Nov 2005 – Nov 2007: LDS Church – as a conversational English teacher and volunteer church representative I learned a lot about interfacing with people, teaching unfamiliar ideas, and learned to fluently read, write, and speak the Russian language. (Russian, interpersonal and teaching skills)

2003 – 2005: Sparky Industriesas a contractor for Sparky Industries, I developed an in-car video camera system that was in use by the police forces in two Utah cities. Eventually the project was abandoned because we couldn’t find cost-effective hardware as the hardware we were using became hard to find. (, .Net Windows Forms, USB GP/IO control, digital circuit design)

2005: Apex Alarmsas an initially short-term contractor for Apex Alarms, I maintained and updated a CRM system used for tracking customer and account information. I played a key role in many bug-fixes and system updates, and I helped develop a system plan for a major round of enhancements, as well as updating and improving the security of the system. I took this job on a temporary basis with a set termination date, but when my superior quit a month before the end of my contract I managed to keep the system running, make some major enhancements, and find and train a replacement. (C#.Net, .Net Windows Forms, MSSQL, Subversion, Visual Sourcesafe, Microsoft Exchange Server, IIS, Microsoft Windows workstation and server, svn)

2003 – 2005: Solomon Technology Solutions – at S.T.S. I designed and built the computer-controlled communications system currently in use by the Air Force Thunderbirds ground crew in their communications trailer. (C#, mysql, advanced networking, and hardware control)

2002 – 2003: Elixir Labsat Elixir Labs I assisted in updating their PHP system to better take advantage of current technologies. I was instrumental in reducing the average development time of new templates from 8-12 hours down to 2-4 hours. (PHP, mysql, postgresql, cvs)

1999 – 2001: Alpine Networking Solutionsat A.N.S. I cut my teeth on professional software development. In a time before PHP frameworks were common, I wrote likely one of the first PHP frameworks utilizing many of the same techniques that are common now. It was later expanded and released as the Zoop framework and is still in use (with much of my original code) by several companies. (PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, mysql, postgresql, Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server)